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Together, we create pathways out of homelessness and poverty through compassionate care, dignity and respect

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Supporting People in Poverty Supporting people in poverty has been a core part of St. Mary’s work for decades

We have seen how loss of employment, disability, trauma, and family or relationship difficulties are often contributors to homelessness when someone is already living in poverty. People who suffer from mental illness and substance use disorders are also at higher risk of homelessness, especially if they do not have a support network. Over the last few years, as the cost of housing in California has risen sharply, we have also seen a corresponding rise in the number of people who are homeless. In San Joaquin County, more than 1,000 individuals live without shelter on a given day. St. Mary’s and its partners, supporters, and volunteers are committed to creating solutions to this crisis.

Homelessness is about people who do not have homes, and each individual has unique circumstances. At the core of every interaction on our campus is respect and dignity. We value every guest and walk together with them to meet their needs. This is who we are, how we approach our work, and why hundreds of individuals find their way to St. Mary’s every day.

From daily provisions (hot meals, showers and clothing) to services that enhance mental and physical well-being, our resource team ensures that every individual has what is needed to not only conquer the day, but to also create a path to permanent housing.

Learn more about St. Mary’s critical programs and support services for guests as well as the many ways we are developing solutions to help make homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring in San Joaquin County.

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Who we Support

Who we Support

Anyone can become homeless. Our guests are from all walks of life including women, children and veterans. Our goal is to move these individuals and families off the streets and provide daily necessities and essential services to get them permanently housed.


Your gifts enable us to provide daily provisions and critical services to hundreds of individuals and families who are living in emergency shelters or places not intended for human habitation. They are women and children, teens and seniors who rely on our compassion and support to rebuild their lives. Give a gift today!
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Support our Work


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Programs & Services

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1,000 people in Stockton are living without shelter.<br>Together, we can end unsheltered homelessness.

1,000 people in Stockton are living without shelter.
Together, we can end unsheltered homelessness.

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