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Providing Solutions, Connections and Respite

Resource Center

Resource Center

Our work is focused on creating pathways for individuals and families to rebuild their lives and ultimately secure permanent housing. Our Resources team provides skilled case management, caring support and personalized solutions for guests including connecting them with health and social services such as:
Searching for employment opportunities
Completing applications and forms for various benefit programs such as Food Stamps, Medi-Cal, Homeless Court, and Disability Assistance
Getting connected with substance use treatment programs
Setting appointments with a mental health clinician
Securing medical appointments at on-campus clinics or with off-campus providers
Finding temporary and permanent housing options
Day Center

Day Center

The Day Center, originally conceptualized by our Guest Advisory Committee, provides our most vulnerable guests a respite during the day where they can take refuge from the outdoor elements, interact with others, enjoy quiet time, or relax in a safe space.

Single women, families, and guests over the age of 60 can use the Day Center, located in our Dining Room, every day from 7 a.m. to   4 p.m. 

Margo Lomeli, our Day Center Coordinator, serves coffee before breakfast and schedules activities such as arts and crafts, games and movie nights. The Day Center also houses a library stocked with books for children and adults. In addition, a nurse visits once a week to perform basic health checks, and occasionally a lawyer provides complimentary legal advice.