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Healing Lives

Health Services

Health Services

Improving the health and well-being of our guests is essential to moving them out of homelessness. From on-site dental and medical clinics to health ambassadors our services and staff are committed to improving the lives of the most vulnerable in our community.

Dental Clinic

Our on-campus St. Raphael’s Dental Clinic cares for the dental needs of the uninsured. Clients inneed partials, dentures, fillings, extractions or immediate dental attention can call the clinic for an appointment. All services are free of charge.

Volunteer professionals including dentists, hygienists and oral surgeons provide needed dental care, digital X-rays and education to our guests. Check out our flier or call our clinic for more details.

Dental Clinic: (209) 467-0774

CMC Medical Clinic

St. Mary’s Community Services partners with Community Medical Centers to operate the on-campus Virgil Gianelli Medical Clinic. The clinic is open five days a week and provides free, full-scope primary care services including preventative care, which will be integrated with behavior health services, including substance use treatment and mental health treatment.

Health Ambassadors

Managing illness and ailments without an ID, a permanent address, insurance, or the support of people who care, can be overwhelming and lead to despair.

In partnership with St. Joseph’s Medical Center, our Healthcare Ambassador Program provides trained staff members who offer a warm hand-off in the Emergency Department and assist with hospital discharges.

Health Ambassadors also help individuals apply for and manage insurance, provide transportation to follow-up appointments, make connections to Community Based Organizations and link them to treatment programs. While improving health is a primary goal of the program, the ultimate goal is to help the homeless move into housing.

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